20 Celebrity Photoshop Transformations That Need to Be Seen to Be Believed


The media is often criticized for giving women unattainable body images to live up to, with even the most beautiful models getting the Photoshop treatment. Here are 20 of the most blatant examples.
Photoshop before after Despina Vandi
Image: via Orzzzz

For years, magazines have been using airbrushing techniques and Photoshop to remove what they deem to be “imperfections” from images of models and celebrities. One notorious instance was when British Vogue went so far as to controversially remove Cindy Crawford’s trademark mole in her first ever appearance on its cover. More recently, though, Photoshopping has often gone further than simply removing a mole.

As you can see in these before-and-after photos of Greek singer Despina Vandi, her torso and legs have been slimmed, her skin has been lightened and smoothed and even her hair has been made fuller for the cover of French magazine Nitro. Read on for 20 more stark Photoshop transformations that need to be seen to be believed.


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