20 Stunning Celebrities in Superhero Costumes


Dressed as your favorite superheroes and supervillains, these sizzling female celebrities are certain to add some cosplay heat to a cold Halloween night.
Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman
Image: via fondosgratis

Halloween is always a good excuse to rummage through the costume trunk. But for the hottest stars in showbiz – so constantly in the focus of the world’s media – it’s particularly important to choose the right outfit.

Many of these famous folk appear somehow better than us mere mortals, some seem like they flew in from another planet, a fair few are a bit crazy, and some are super while others are wicked – so it’s unsurprising, really, that many female celebrities tend to dress up as superheroes or villains.

Good or bad, though, they usually look absolutely awesome. Don’t believe us? Well check out this countdown of the hottest Halloween celebrity superheroes and villains.


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